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The Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the most famous and recognizable bullion coins of all time and is a flagship addition to your holdings. With the inclusion of light-refracting radial lines- as a testament to the Royal Canadian Mint's penchant for innovation and design- this stunning coin has a luster like no other. Combined with an immaculate design, which has endured since its initial release, this globally recognized coin has ensured liquidity. Enhanced security features such as the Royal Canadian Mint's patented bullion DNA means that each 1 oz coin contains a unique privy mark with a micro-engraving of the year it was released, which is only visible under magnification.

Illustrated on the reverse side is a bold, vivid sugar maple leaf, Canada's national emblem and the ideal metaphor for the great north. The maple leaf is beautiful, resilient, omnipresent throughout the land, and has a diverse range of species. The depiction demonstrates the Royal Canadian Mint's unapparelled quality, as meticulous attention to detail is paid, from the leaves texturing to its unique shape, to its veins. Adorning the coin's field are light-refracting, micro-radial lines, with the privy mark, metal type and weight, and purity all included.

The 1 oz Canadian Maple leaf is one of the purest bullion products available at 999,9. Brand recognizability, design, and security detail ensure that this investment will provide a highly liquid market if you are able to part with it! Purchase your 1 oz 2021 Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin from our online store and receive the lowest price available!


  • Ships individually in a plastic flip sleeve; Multiples of 10 will ship in a plastic tube
  • Consisting of 1 oz 9999 Fine Gold
  • Obverse: Features the modern effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susanna Blunt along with the year of issue and legal tender value set against micro-engraved radial lines
  • Reverse: Features a bold, vivid sugar maple leaf, Canada's national emblem along the metal weight and purity set against micro-engraved radial lines
  • This coin features industry-leading security features, including a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark with the year of issue inscribed in it

The Royal Canadian Mint is known as one of the most reputable mints in the world. The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Mint opened in 1908 and was renamed The Royal Canadian Mint in 1931 when control was transferred to the Canadian government. The Royal Canadian Mint is renowned for producing some of the highest quality and purity of gold and silver bullion coins and bars in the world.

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Briljant ocirkulerade
Royal Canadian Mint
CAD 50
Susanna Blunt (framsida)
Porträtt av drottning Elizabeth II och orden "Elizabeth II 50 Dollars 2020"
Lönnlöv och orden "Kanada 9999 Fint Guld 1 uns Or Rent 9999"

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